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Posted By:  Ashwin Corattiyil
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It was the dream board that sparked it all. As part of her Division Sales Manager training six years ago, Lora Young attended a District Sales Manager training class. Although Lora was only required to be an observer, she decided to participate in the dream-board exercise, which entailed creating a collage that represented her personal and professional goals.

"Having this dream board in front of me every day was a source of inspiration," said Lora. "Avon has taught me that you have to walk in the thing you want to be in; you have to envision yourself there."

Lora's dream board included two goals that she was most passionate about: publishing a book to help those who lost a parent and becoming a U.S. Sales Training Manager. So was she able to accomplish both goals? Read on!

Lora's book, titled The Lost Parent Club, hit bookshelves in the U.S. on June 22nd (U.S. Father's Day). Inspired by the loss of her own mother, Lora says The Lost Parent Club "is a survival guide for preparing for and working through the first year of loss while walking alongside your surviving parent."

Lora has been promoting her book and credits Avon with getting her ready for this moment in time.

"Each of my positions at Avon has prepared me for where I am. Avon has helped me learn how to travel, set up events and conduct interviews, all of which I'm doing to promote my book and foster my career."

Since joining Avon 15 years ago, Lora has held the positions of Quality Assurance & Training Supervisor; Operations Manager in the Contact Center; Division Sales Manager; and Senior Field Training Manager. Lora was promoted to her dream job earlier this year as Manager, U.S. Sales Training, where she is responsible for writing all sales meeting content.

"When I think about Avon and how it resonates with me, my bosses walked the talk and focused on doing things on a personal and professional level. Now, I'm doing the same and making my dream a reality."

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