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The mission of the Sycamore Alumni and Friends Association (SAFA) is to strengthen connections between Sycamore High School's alumni, the school, and our entire community. We will achieve this through activities which embody the traditions of the school and through welcoming all members of the Sycamore family to be involved.


We work to move forward with our mission in several, specific ways.

First, we are constantly engaged in connecting alumni. Through supporting reunions, building networking events, and organizing social activities at which alumni can come together, our organization gains new members and spreads the word about what we do. Not only this, but we have a great time! Happy hours, parties, dinners and concerts are just some of the many events we have held in the past.

Second, we work actively to connect our alumni with current students. SAFA is engaged with students at Sycamore High School to build a "history wall" at the school. Through this communication and cooperation, we hope that both students and alumni can benefit and grow, and that the legacy of Sycamore will be passed on to a new generation.

Finally, we believe in supporting the future. SAFA raises money through events and your generous donations in order to provide two scholarships each year to deserving students. The young people who receive this award are those who exemplify the SAFA mission: they have seized opportunities to get involved at Sycamore, have consistently been someone who gives back to their fellow students and their community, and works hard to succeed at whatever their goals may be. Through these scholarships, we aim to provide students with the support they need to make their dreams a reality, and the recognition they deserve in the light of the Sycamore Spirit.

We hope you will consider being involved in any or all of these initiatives!


SAFA is a non-profit organization composed of those who attended a school within the Sycamore Community School District and those who have demonstrated interest in the goals and aims of SAFA.

SAFA began in 2006 as a collaborative effort on the part of the Sycamore Administration, the Sycamore School Board, several Sycamore graduates, and a former teacher/administrator, who remains one of Sycamore’s best friends. The governing board of this organization is the 21-member Board of Trustees. This Board is responsible for electing the Executive Board of Directors comprised of the following officers: President, Immediate Past President, Vice President & President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. In addition there are three Ex-Officio officers comprised of the Superintendent of the Sycamore Schools or designee approved by the Sycamore Board of Education, and two members of the senior class of Sycamore High School, designated by the high school principal.

SAFA has grown since 2006 and now has over four thousand members. Responsibility for the Sycamore Athletic Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Alumni Award has been assumed by SAFA in the last couple of years. Annual events, like the World’s Largest Alumni Party, and the “60 years of Sycamore Football” homecoming celebration have been very successful in helping former Aviators to connect with one another.

2014 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, Dr. Steven B. Hopping, speaking at Sycamore Legends Event.

A great Hall of Fame Dinner on January 24, 2015! Congrats again to all the awardees and thanks to Montgomery Inn!

Locals enjoy beautiful artwork at the SAFA Event in the Tent, Homecoming 2013.

Our 2014 Distinguished Alumni, Dr. Steven B. "Hop" Hopping, speaking to students at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

2013 Hall of Fame inductees: Barb (Bartlett) Butt (’65), Leroy Sowder (’56), Sue (Zach) Diaz (’76), Kristin Stanford (’99), Mitch Allen (’07), and coach Jerry Bush.

Aviator legends unite at 2014 Music in the Parks Competition in support of the next generation of talented students.

Beautiful vocal performance at the SAFA Event in the Tent, Homecoming 2013.

SJH choir students received superior ratings and a choral trophy at 2014 Music in the Parks Competition!

2014 Hall of Fame inductees: Perry Denehy (Trainer), Abbie Tepe (’07), Jeff McCaw (’77), Jamie Nesbitt (’05), â€‹Robert McFarland (’55), and Heath Tameris (’05).

A great Hall of Fame Dinner on January 24, 2015! Congrats again to all the awardees and thanks to Montgomery Inn!



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